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Here are several files you may find helpful.  All of these files are in Adobe .pdf format, so you will need to have installed a copy of the Adobe Reader to read them.  Click here if you would like to download and install the Adobe Reader now.

  1. This white paper describes some of the basic issues involved in developing performance-critical systems: Building Successful Performance-Critical  Software Systems

  2. In response to numerous requests, and because it is difficult to obtain from other sources, here is Dr. Locke's Carnegie Mellon University Ph.D. Dissertation: Best Effort Decision Making for Real-Time Scheduling

  3. A widely-referenced paper by Dr. Locke comparing classic Cyclic Executive (i.e., Timeline or frame-based) systems with priority-driven systems: Software Architecture for Hard Real-Time Applications: Cyclic Executives vs. Fixed Priority Executives

  4. A journal paper from Dr. Locke identifying the four basic architectures for real-time systems.  Examples are given in Ada, but the concepts are really language independent: An Architectural Perspective on Ada Real-Time Programs

  5. Dr. Locke's keynote presentation at the May 2004 Real-Time Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium: Real-Time and Embedded Systems: Past, Present, and Future