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Frequently Asked Questions


Q - How does Dr. Locke determine the price of his services?

A - Dr. Locke prices each engagement or contract in such a way that the overall costs will be predictable, and will result in an excellent value to the client.  For example, it is frequently possible to engage Dr. Locke's services on a fixed price basis when the results can be well-defined, so there will be no surprises.  When an hourly rate is used, it can be limited by a not-to-exceed value that can be re-negotiated only with permission of the client.  In every case, Dr. Locke ensures that communication with the client is sufficiently frequent that there will be no surprises about the schedule or quality of his work.

Q - Isn't Dr. Locke's time rather expensive?

A - From extensive experience with consulting, his clients have repeatedly found that his costs are much less than the cost of using the client's own key personnel to do the same work.  This is true because of a number of factors:

  1. The client does not pay for Dr. Locke's overhead (e.g., time responding to email, keeping up with current literature, vacations, illness, etc).

  2. Dr. Locke's extensive experience means that he can usually perform a complex task much faster and more efficiently than a client's own personnel. This frees up the client's key employees for other critical tasks.  In many cases, Dr. Locke brings expertise that is unavailable elsewhere at any cost!

  3. The client never pays any taxes (e.g., workman's compensation, social security) for his work.  Dr. Locke handles all tax consequences of his work.

Q - What about using a retainer to reserve some of Dr. Locke's time for an open-ended requirement?

A - Dr. Locke is open to discussions of whatever the client may require.  Please call or send email for more information.  He has used retainers for some engagements.

Q - Does Dr. Locke charge for his time spent traveling?

A - Dr. Locke charges for any travel expenses incurred (and approved in advance by the client), but he does not charge for his time on travel unless he is using some of his travel time directly performing work for a client (such as reading or writing a document for a client on an airplane or in a hotel room).

Q - What if I want some kind of a unique engagement to meet a special requirement?

A - Dr. Locke is open to discussions of whatever the client may require.  Please call or send email for more information.