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About Locke Consulting LLC.

Locke Consulting was founded in 2004 by Dr. C. Douglass Locke and is located in Mooresville, North Carolina, USA, near the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. Locke Consulting is an independent consulting firm that provides software and systems consulting to a variety of clients who are involved in designing, building, and deploying embedded systems in a variety of application domains. Embedded systems are generally computer systems that are intimately involved in the control of physical devices and processes. Examples of embedded systems on which Locke Consulting has been involved include spacecraft control and sensor systems, industrial control systems, medical equipment control systems, aircraft systems, air traffic management systems, and heavy-duty truck control systems.

Locke Consulting clients are generally government agencies such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, contractors such as Raytheon Corporation, and private companies such as Baxter Healthcare and Sun Microsystems. Each client has a unique set of needs with which Locke Consulting can assist, but most include systems or software architecture, and virtually all involve managing a set of sensors, controlling a set of processes and environment conditions, and interfacing with human operators. Almost all of Locke Consulting's client systems involve managing all of these processes within a set of bounded time constraints; that is, these systems are in the class of "Real-Time" systems.

Almost all of Locke Consulting's work is performed personally by Dr. C. Douglass Locke, although he occasionally brings in support from other experts if specialized assistance is required.  As can be seen from Dr. Locke's resume, he has over 40 years of experience in designing, building, managing, and deploying embedded systems, especially real-time systems. Of these 40 years, more than 25 years have been spent consulting, initially within IBM Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation, TimeSys Corporation, and Locke Consulting.

Most clients use Dr. Locke's services by having him act as a member of the architecture and development management and technical teams, reviewing specifications, reviewing architecture and design documents, reviewing systems and software management plans, and analyzing development risks, performance concerns, and design problems.  In addition, he frequently teaches classes on various aspects of creating specifications, architecture, design, and management of real-time and embedded systems projects.

In addition, Locke Consulting has created several workshops and symposia on related topics for large and small organizations, and has also provided leadership for development and interfacing with international standards.

For most engagements, Locke Consulting creates a brief proposal that addresses the client's requirements, with fees based on an hourly rate, fixed fees for specific work items, or combinations of both.

Interested representatives from organizations who may be able to use Locke Consulting are invited to contact Dr. Locke by email at doug@douglocke.com for further information.