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Include A World-Class Expert On Your Team At Low Cost! 

Managers take great pains to ensure that every system and software development team is composed of the strongest contributors available in the organization.  This certainly makes sense for several reasons.  It has often been noted that the productivity difference between the most productive people in any organization and the least productive is greater than ten to one.  It is also well known that the quality of a system is directly related to the depth and breadth of the experience of the development team.  In addition, many systems require special expertise due to requirements for safety certification, real-time response, high availability, etc.

Most system and software development failures are caused by the lack of the relevant experience on the development team.  However, employees with the world-class expertise that could have avoided these failures are simply unavailable to most teams.

This is where a consultant such as Dr. Locke can make all the difference.  For example, under a very affordable monthly retainer fee, a development organization can engage him as a member of the team, get several days each month of his time helping with activities such as system planning and tracking, system and software architecture, high level design, performance and functional reviews, evaluation of problems, etc.

The cost of obtaining this world-class level of expertise and experience is almost always significantly less than the cost of hiring an average technical employee!  This is because the development organization is able to get this capability for several days per month with no additional overhead expenses such as taxes, payroll deductions, technical vitality, education, benefits, etc.  Dr. Locke takes care of all these expenses with no client involvement.