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Dr. Locke has been extremely effective teaching technical subjects for over 30 years.  Several of his current clients utilize his teaching skills to create and present courses on topics such as:

  • Real-Time Systems Architecture

  • Real-Time Systems Design

  • Real-Time Java

To all of his topics, Dr. Locke brings a wealth of practical experience.  His broad technical expertise, plus his ability to make even the most complex technical topics clear to personnel at all technical levels make him a widely sought-after teacher.


Dr. Locke uses several cost models to provide teaching services, depending on the needs of each client.  If the course already exists, he can use the existing materials, update them if needed, and teach them.  If course materials do not exist, he can create appropriate materials.  For some clients, he transfers ownership of the materials to the client - for others, he retains ownership so the materials can be tailored and reused for other clients.  Of course, these choices affect the cost.  For many clients, he applies a fixed per-day teaching fee, plus expenses, plus course development as needed.


In any case, the cost of having a world-class expert and teacher providing the class can be about the same as using a client employee, but without the cost of tying up the employee, and with far superior class effectiveness.  Dr. Locke repeatedly receives wide acclaim from his students for his classes.