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Software Audits & Reviews

Real-Time Systems Architecture and Design:

Dr. Locke has extensive experience helping complex system architects understand, document, and manage the system requirements, architecture, and high-level design.  In a short time, he can quickly identify the inherent risks in complex systems, including performance, schedule, and cost, and can ensure that the client's efforts can lead to successful mitigation strategies.  He is highly experienced in the use of Object Oriented methodologies, including language issues (Java, Ada, C++), UML, CORBA, and others.  

For example, he has found that Object-Oriented methodologies can be highly successful when their inherent risks and benefits are fully understood.  Even the inherent difficulties from using such concurrency models as Java threads, Ada tasks, and POSIX pthreads to meet time constraints can be effectively controlled by application of his extensive experience and understanding.

He has performed many reviews of complex systems and software developments, identifying the key risks.  These reviews have been particularly effective evaluating areas such as planning, tracking, risk management, project organization, system and software performance, real-time response, security, safety, and availability.