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Leading Meetings & Workshops


Business and technology meetings and workshops are a powerful way to energize a team, focus on emerging relevant technologies, enhance team-building, and solve problems.


Effective meetings don't just happen!  They require careful, experienced planning to be successful and to avoid many pitfalls.  In addition, they usually require several weeks or months of the full-time attention of some of the most experienced technical and management personnel in the organization.  These are exactly the people most needed to get the project or development planning effort off the ground.


This is where Dr. Locke can make a major contribution.  He can work with your experienced personnel to plan a successful meeting while relieving them of the learning curve and time-consuming elements of implementing a successful meeting or workshop. On a fixed price basis, he can be engaged to work directly with the key organization decision-makers, plan the meeting's program, plan for speakers, panels, discussions, receptions, dinners - whatever is needed to make the meeting successful.  He often acts as a moderator or Master of Ceremonies, as desired, bringing cohesion and professionalism to the conference, while keeping the conference on schedule and on task.  He can handle physical arrangements, catering, and other services, as desired by the client.


Dr. Locke can also prepare a professional report or "after-action" document describing the results of the meeting for senior management or other non-attendees, and can help plan follow-up activities.  Many clients have found this service to greatly enhance the value of such meetings and enabling them do effective follow-up on the ideas and recommendations developed at the meeting.


Dr. Locke has recently created highly successful, high-profile meetings for both government agencies and private organizations.