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Expert Witnessing

As a result of his extensive experience explaining complex technical issues both to technical and non-technical decision makers, it is quite natural that Dr. Locke has been asked to provided key assistance on several Intellectual Property cases in which issues involving computer processors have been present.  Most of his Expert Witness engagements have resulted from attorneys who have observed his work on one case asking him for assistance on another case.  His unquestioned commitment to integrity and technical excellence has made him particularly effective in this role.


Dr. Locke’s clients have appreciated his extensive experience and analytical ability which enables him to quickly & thoroughly understand the function, design, and architectural tradeoffs underlying complex software and embedded devices and to be able to relate these findings to the relevant legal questions and issues.   He is also able to present his findings accurately and clearly in expert reports and in court testimony.


Dr. Locke's broad expertise has proven to be critical for several cases.  Although his primary area of expertise is in embedded systems and software, with his undergraduate and graduate work in physics and chemistry, he also has significant education and experience in such areas as electronic hardware design, sensors, optics, particle accelerators, mass spectrometers, and automotive control.  Recent cases have involved heavy duty truck transmissions, proton beam therapy systems, smartphones, digital cameras, vehicle location systems, and software middleware.


Dr. Locke has significant experience in many aspects of IP litigation:

  • Consulting with attorneys on the relevant issues

  • Identifying additional issues that can be key to a case

  • Preparation of Expert Reports

  • Depositions

  • Trial Testimony