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Dr. Locke has very extensive experience with a broad spectrum of application domains, and is able to apply his knowledge to new domains quickly.  His domain experience includes:

  • Aerospace

    • Aircraft

    • Spacecraft

    • Ground Systems

    • Naval Platforms

  • Industrial Controls

    • Manufacturing

    • Process Control

    • Sensors

    • Distributed Systems

  • Telecommunications

    • Switches

    • Cell Base Stations

    • Handheld Devices

This experience directly translates to his ability to assist system and software development organizations, both government and contractors, to be successful in large complex systems.

Software Technology in Complex Systems:

The power of today's embedded processors, networks, memory, and sensors (e.g., GPS) is enabling a tremendous growth in overall system complexity.  This complexity is vastly increasing the risk of system failure - uncontrolled cost, schedule, and performance.  The resulting risk must be managed.  These are exactly the kind of systems for which Dr. Locke offers a tremendous help reducing risk of failure.

There is an extremely wide variety of complex systems that are now being designed and built using performance-critical, safety-critical, and high-availability software.  The complexity of such systems makes them highly subject to both schedule and cost risk, greatly exacerbating the difficulty in producing them successfully.  Included in this category are avionics systems, command and control systems (C4I), decision-aiding systems, artificial intelligence systems, planning systems, process control systems, distributed systems, and telecommunications systems.

Dr. Locke has extensive experience designing, analyzing, reviewing, and auditing such systems to enhance the likelihood of avoiding cost/schedule risk, or significantly mitigating those risks when difficulties have already arisen.  

Call for an assessment of how he can assist your project to move toward success in the face of complexity.  This will involve working with such technical and management issues as subcontracting, systems integration, enhancing your software maturity (e.g., CMMI ), performance issues, and general risk management.